Cambodia Startup: Online Mobile Game – Sabay Osja

Cambodia Startup: Sabay Osja – Online Mobile Game

Cambodia Startup Sabay Osja is a first Cambodian Online Mobile Game studio named “Osja Studio”, its journey began in late 2011. All their founders are gamers who learned their skills themselves and reached to prove that they could create a game of their own.

After got some investment from Sabay Digital Corp., Osja Studio became “Sabay Osja” and has kept on expanding through new games and new purpose as they have developed the edutainment concept.

From ZERO to be HERO

Sabay Osja was started from zero experience in game development, but well equipped with passion for creating games and were old time gamers. They create this studio to bring new unique games and game assets building talents from Cambodia to the world.

Cambodia Startup - Online Game Development Team

Their first game development is Santa Adventure. After it released, the Osja Studio team had the proof of concept it needed to keep building. Osja team knew that they could successfully produce mobile games, and had a better understanding of what it takes to create and ship a product to the world.


Sabay Osja started when they were big time gamers, then their love grew until they think why don’t they make their own games? And that’s what its started. They’re the first Cambodian game development studio, formerly known as Osja Studio, now they are known as Sabay Osja. Sabay Cambodia Startup Sabay Osja’s mission is to make great games, featuring Cambodian culture and art style, that could be enjoyed by all people around the world. Their art style ranging from matt painting to 8-bit art to cartoon, which always bring new flavour to their games.

Cambodia Startup - Online Mobile Game - Sabay Osja

Not just a Mobile Game Makers, Sabay Ojsa also provide an outsourcing services including: 3D Game Art Outsourcing, Game Development Outsourcing and Interactive App Dev outsourcing.

Cambodia Startup - Online Games Studio - Sabay Osja

Cambodia Startup - VR - Sabay Osja

You can find their games on Google play and visit their Facebook Page to know what are their projects.