PlasGate Cambodia Startup – A Gateway to Send SMS

PlasGate is a gateway used by companies to send SMS to customers. It provides an SMS aggregator so that a company can send SMS to its customers. It is a new way of doing marketing and to make customers aware of the product. Branding is becoming really efficient through this system. Mostly used by banks, micro-finance, companies, PlasGate focuses on the local market and on providing a quality service.

PlasGate register as a legal & private limited liability company and founded in 2014 by a multi-national team who have been working as engineering and telecommunication services for years. It provides the most innovative, reliable and affordable enterprise communication solutions to ease the customers’ needs for their expansion and growth.

The PlasGate mission and vision are to offer the most reliable, effective and competitive enterprise communication solutions, but in the eyes of customers, people, communities, environment, employees and shareholders to be able to reflect “Born To Make Quality”.

Besides SMS Gateway, +Gate also has service such as Telephony PABX & Call Center and Hotel Solutions.

The UCM series of IP PBXs features 2 model types: the UCM6100 series, which consists of 4 models designed for small and medium business users by supporting up to 500 users, and the UCM6510, which is geared towards small and medium enterprises by supporting up to 2000 users. Those looking for support for E1, T1 or J1 networks will want to choose the UCM6510. These award-winning IP PBXs offer an advanced set of features with no licensing fees, upgrade fees or costs per feature.

Hybrid GDS/TDS Series is an advanced and high-quality solution from TransTel USA with 250,000 systems installed over the world. It can be for Small Offices, Hotels, Large Enterprises including Call Centers and thanks to its CTI (computer telephony integration) capability which help to enhance and make it very easy to work directly with various standard applications and systems such as IVR, Voice Mail, Access Control, VOIP, ISDN/E1, GSM Gateway, PMS, Call Accounting, Call Recording, Call Center applications, etc…

CIS IP Call Center is a modular solution which addresses your needs regardless the size of your call center and each module can be activated or expanded quickly without hassle. ACC supports integration with traditional circuit-switched (Analog or ISDN) and SIP networks, as well as hybrid environments, thus allowing businesses to leverage on as well as protect the existing hardware and software investments.

VHP (Visual Hotel Program) is a fully integrated and modular business intelligence for all needs of the hotel industry. More than twenty years of specialist experience have been turned into this professional software solution.


With over 4 million electronic locks installed worldwide, Onity electronic locking systems are found at over 22,000 properties in 115 countries.

Onity combines innovative technology and dependable service with over twenty years of experience to provide the most advanced electronic locking solutions in the industry today.

Onity offers real solutions and reliable support for the Hospitality, Vacation Rental, Corporate, Education, Government and Marine markets. Whatever your requirements, Onity has an electronic locking solution to fit your needs.